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For connoisseurs of a real man’s drink — whiskey, it is important not only to enjoy the taste and aroma, but also to adhere to a certain ritual. It is worth pouring an elite drink into an exquisite glass, it is so pleasant to hold it in your hand, watch the sun’s rays play in every facet of the graceful Bohemian glass and have a meaningful conversation with loved ones. Whiskey glasses at World of Cookware are more than just a gift. This is an opportunity to make a great impression and highlight an unrivaled sense of style and taste.

Whiskey glasses as a gift — which is better to choose?

Modern online stores such as World of Dishes offer a huge selection of different whiskey glasses and glasses — from classic shots to exquisite tulips. If you want to purchase stylish dishes for yourself or choose an original set as a gift on, it is important to decide what kind of drink you or a loved one like, as well as the number of glasses — for comfortable gatherings for two or a large company of gentlemen.

The most common types of whiskey glasses are:

A shot is a small, narrow glass for one serving.
The tumbler is a low wide glass with a tapered top.
Rocks is a wide square glass with a thick bottom.
A tulip is an elegant glass with a small stem, shaped like a flower.

In addition to whiskey glasses, a set of dishes often includes a damask — a stylish decanter, in which the drink is usually served on the table. Typically, whiskey glasses are available in 40 to 250 ml volumes, but some types can be as large as 320 ml.

How to choose glasses as a gift?

When choosing a gift set for a friend or colleague, it is worth knowing what drinks and purposes it is intended for. Relax after a hard day, take your heart out with your family or organize a party for a big company? For home use, it is best to purchase classic glasses with thick walls and a massive bottom, but unusual silver glasses or Bohemian glass products are an ideal gift for a chef.

To make the perfect present for loved ones, it is better to purchase a set of damask and glasses. Such a set will not only allow you to enjoy elite drinks, but will also become a worthy addition to the interior. In the «World of Posudy» store you can buy sets with a decanter and glasses for 2 or 6 persons. Discounts, promotions and personal offers are regularly available for buyers. To order, just look through the catalog and choose a kit that is ideal for you. The form of delivery and payment is also selected individually, and sales consultants will help you place an order in a matter of minutes.

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